Idaho Springs – Picture that Captures Many of Our Aggregate Products – Aggregate in Concrete Along I-70, Asphalt Bike Trail, Retaining Wall along Hwy 6, and Erosion Control Along Clear Creek


The Walstrum Quarry has supplied sand, gravel, aggregate, and landscaping materials throughout Colorado since 1983. With the proposed Spur Amendment, the Quarry will be able to continue to supply aggregate construction materials and support the economic vitality of the surrounding community well into the future.

Infrastructure Benefits

It is likely that some of the trails, roads, tracks, runways, or rivers you have traveled on in Colorado were built from rock provided by the Walstrum Quarry. The construction materials provided by the Walstrum Quarry and the proposed Spur Amendment are essential to Colorado’s transportation system. The highways and roads throughout Clear Creek County form the “backbone” for regional economic activity and none of the roads could be built without construction materials. By supplying the construction materials locally, raw materials are more affordable which is a benefit to Clear Creek County, Colorado Department of Transportation, and other local jurisdictions in the area. Also, because the materials are locally sourced, fewer miles are traveled to transport them to where they are needed, resulting in less overall traffic and wear on local roads and fewer carbon emissions.

Economic Benefits

Maintaining a diversified economy is especially important to support the vibrant surrounding communities. Protecting the ongoing operations of the Walstrum Quarry well into the future through the Spur Amendment will play a vital role in supporting local economic health. As the only aggregate mine in Clear Creek County, Walstrum Quarry provides a local, cost-effective source of raw materials required for a variety of community projects. Using a local source keeps costs down so that businesses and the local government can allocate their budgets elsewhere. AFS is also a supporter of the tourism and recreation industries in Clear Creek County by donating and/or supplying aggregate materials for various river projects, trails, roadways, landscaping, etc. from the revenue and materials generated by the Walstrum Quarry and the future Spur Amendment.

AFS is a top ten employer of skilled workers in Clear Creek County and provides top-tier wages and employee benefits. AFS currently has approximately 60 employees at the Walstrum Quarry, including Clear Creek County residents, and has an additional 11 employees at the AFS home office in Adams County. The Spur Amendment will continue AFS’ contribution to the County’s employment and work force training. Continuation of the Walstrum Quarry through the Spur Amendment is critical to the future of the County’s job base.

Environmental Benefits
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on the Walstrum Quarry Slope

The Spur Amendment is being designed to minimize environmental impacts and result in environmental benefits, including the creation of valuable bighorn sheep habitat. The Spur Amendment is expected to benefit the bighorn sheep population through creation of additional rocky slope habitat. AFS is also implementing innovative revegetation practices, which have resulted in vegetation successfully growing on the reclaimed areas. These revegetation efforts prevent erosion by effectively stabilizing the soils while improving the visual aesthetics of the previously mined area.

Further, with the Spur Amendment in place, AFS plans to help mitigate potential impacts caused by the larger quarry footprint by dedicating an approximately 18-acre area, Homestead Parcel (part of the Floyd Hill Meadow), for land conservation at the Gateway of Clear Creek County. See additional information on the Homestead Parcel here.

Community Benefits

AFS has a strong history of being a generous supporter of Clear Creek County and its schools, service agencies, and non-profit organizations that support the needs of Clear Creek County residents. The Spur Amendment will allow AFS to continue to be an integral corporate partner in the County. You can find additional information on how AFS supports the community here.

As part of the Spur Amendment, AFS will also make a voluntary ongoing per ton contribution for the life of the Quarry to benefit County funds. This voluntary funding further demonstrates AFS’ commitment to the economic well-being of the Clear Creek County community.

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